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How do I make an appointment with you?
You may utilise the "Book Now" button to contact us on WhatsApp to schedule an appointment. Do note that a deposit of $10 will be needed to secure your appointment slot.
How do I check for available appointment slots?
You may check for available slots on our Instagram Story highlights under "Slots".
Can my friend and I get our nails done together?
Yes, but only a maximum of 2 persons including yourself, your friend must also book an appointment before or after your appointment. You are also allowed to wait for each other should one is still receiving her manicure service. Companions are strictly not allowed.
I'm unable to make it on my appointment day, can I change my appointment date?
Yes, you can reschedule your appointment to another available date however, you must inform us at least 7 days in advance to reschedule your appointment. Do note that your deposit of $10 will be forfeited if you are unable to make it on the appointment date and you do not inform us at least 7 days in advance.
I'm afraid of dogs, can I still book an appointment?
Yes, if you are afraid of dogs, we will keep our dog in the room. Please kindly inform us if you're afraid of dogs before making your appointment to allow us to serve you better.
How long can the nails extensions last?
Nails extension normally last at least 3 weeks however, if your nails extensions fall off within 2 weeks we will redo the nails extensions for the affected fingers at no cost.
Will my nails weaken if I have manicure every month?
No. There’s always this myth about people's nails getting weaker because of frequent manicures. Nails will ONLY get thinner IF you pluck the gel polish/extensions off instead of getting it removed professionally. When you are plucking the gel polish/extensions off, you are also plucking a layer of your nail bed off together with the polish!!!! This is how nails get weaker! In addition, some salons tend to use acetone to soak off your Gel, acetone is a very strong chemical that is very harmful to your nails and can cause nails to be weakened during the process. Hence it isn’t the safest way to remove ur gelish. To better protect your nails, we use a nail machine instead to buff off the surface which has the polish, therefore not touching your bare nails. This is known as the safest and easiest way to soak off gel polish/extension.
Why are others’ retention longer-lasting than mine?
Normally people that do not need to perform household chores or be in contact with water frequently will have longer-lasting retention. Some people will have even longer-lasting nails if they get a hard gel overlay on their nails. This is because hard-gel is a gel layer that hardens your nail and protects it by preventing it from cracking or bending. Once your nails start to crack, polish tends to chip off too! The layer of hard gel will protect your nails as well as the polish, hence making retention last even longer!
What is hard gel overlay?
Hard gel overlay is a layer applied onto your real nails like nail polish. However, it protects your nails and makes them stronger by preventing them from cracking or bending, unlike polish. Polish is a soft gel, which means if your nail cracks, polish cracks too. It will only follow your nail condition and doesn’t protect your nails. The hard gel DOES NOT make your nails thicker. So rest assured, it will just look like your normal polish but it can harden nails and protect them.

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